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Celebrate Today! Dancing Days

The following days, weeks, and months are some of the events related to dancing that are included in the Celebrate Today Special Events database.

January National Polka Month

January 9 Choreographers Day George Balanchine, one of the world's greatest choreographers, was born on January 9, 1904, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. On this day, we recognize and honor all choreographers.

January 11 Disco Day In 1963, the first real American discotheque, Whiskey-A-Go-Go, opened on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

January 21 Saturday Night Fever Pitch Day In 1978, the Bee Gees hit it big with their song "Saturday Night Fever." The album hit #1 on this day and stayed there for 24 weeks.

February 4 Charleston Endurance Day In 1926, John Giola of New York City set a new dance record by dancing the Charleston non-stop for 22 hours and 30 minutes. Even when he was finished and dropped to the ground, his legs wouldn't stop flapping.

February 7 U.S. Ballet Day Ballet was introduced into the U.S. at the Bowery Theater in New York City in 1827. French dancer Francisquy Hutin danced in the The Deserter.

February 5 to 6 World Championship Hoop Dance Contest Since 1990, the best Native American hoop dancers compete for the world championship on the first weekend in February at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. [Dates change from year to year.]

February 12 National Political Tap Dance Day On his February 3, 1999, radio show, Rush Limbaugh asserted that National Tap Dance Day should be celebrated on the day that the Clinton Impeachment Trial was settled because of the way the Senators tap danced on the issue.

February 14 Grease Day In 1972, the original theater production of the musical Grease opened in New York City.

February 26 Birthday of Swing In 1938, Benny Goodman's band ushered in the Swing Era as they opened their engagement at the Paramount Theatre in New York City. Swing, swing, swing!

March 8 Stretch Your Legs Day On the birthday of Cyd Charisse, the great dancer and actress with the long, long legs, stretch your own legs in a dance of your own. Charisse was born as Tula Finklea on March 8, 1923, at Amarillo, Texas.

March 31 Dance Marathon Day The first dance marathon in the United States was held in New York City in 1923. Alma Cummings set the first record by dancing 27 hours.

April 4 Ballroom Dancing Day Celebrate the birthday of Arthur Murray, the famous ballroom dancing instructor, by going out ballroom dancing. Dance up a storm!

April 12 National Tap Dance Party Day On the birthday of Ann Miller, the 1950's actress who was famous for her tap dancing, throw a tap dance party. Miller was born as Lucille Ann Collier on April 12, 1923, at Houston, Texas.

April 13 Tap Dance Birthday In 1808, or perhaps a few years later, William Henry Lane (aka Juda) developed the tap dance.

April 29 Dancers Day This day honors all dancers on the anniversary of the last Broadway performance of the Chorus Line in 1990. Dance freely today, no matter where you are.

May Modern Dance Month Two women responsible for the birth of modern dance, Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, were born in the month of May. Duncan was born on May 27, 1878, at San Francisco, California. And Graham was born on May 11, 1894, at Alleghany, Pennslyvania.

May 1 Folies Bergeres Birthday The Folies Bergeres, the international home of the can-can, opened in Paris in 1869.

May 7 Presidential Inaugural Dance Day In 1789, the first inaugural ball was held for President George Washington in New York City.

May 14 National Dance Like a Chicken Day Do the cluck cluck, the cock-a-doodle-doo, and other chicken dances today. Have fun.

May 16 Moonwalk Birthday In the 1983 live Motown 25th Anniversary Special, Michael Jackson performed his new hit Billie Jean. In the middle of the performance, he unveiled the backwards gliding movement now known as the Moonwalk.

May 22 National Prom Night Dance the night away!

May 25 National Tap Dance Day This day celebrates the birthday of Bill Bojangles Robinson, the king of tap dancers. Robinson was born on May 25, 1878, at Richmond, Virginia.

May 27 Modern Dance Day On the birthday of Isadora Duncan, the free-spirited dancer who is often known as the founder of modern dance, let's all get out and dance our feelings and our joy. Isadora Duncan was born on May 27, 1878, at San Francisco, California.

June 21 to 23 National Square Dance Convention This annual convention, generally held on the Wednesday through Friday after Father's Day, is the world's largest square dance event. [Dates change from year to year.]

June 22 to 25 International Polka Fest During the fourth weekend in June, Ironworld USA sponsors the International Polka Fest, including inductions into the Minnesota Polka Hall of Fame. [Dates change from year to year.]

July 8 Ziegfeld Follies Birthday In 1907, showman Florenz Ziegfeld produced his first Follies on the roof of the New York Theater.

July 8 Pringle Chicken Strut On the second Saturday in July, the people of Pringle, South Dakota participate in the Pringle Chicken Strut. I don't know what it is, but it sure sounds like fun. For more information, contact the Pringle Volunteer Fire Department at 605-673-2650. Do the strut, do the Pringle chicken strut! [Date changes from year to year.]

July 22 International Festival Day International Festival Day is the finale of an 11-day Folkmoot USA festival, America's largest international folk festival of song and dance. [Date changes from year to year.]

August 1 Twist the Night Away Day In 1960, Chubby Checker released his hit song, The Twist.

August 3 to 6 Naitonal Polka Festival On the first weekend in August, from Thursday through Sunday, people dance the polka to the top polka bands in the country. The event is held under a large tent at Hunter Mountain. [Dates change from year to year.]

August 23 Lindy Hop Day In the August 23, 1943 issue of Life magazine, a new dance craze was featured. It was called the Lindy Hop in honor of Charles Lindbergh. Also known as Boogie Woogie or Swing. Take time today to do a little dance with someone you like.

August 26 School Belly Dancing Day In 1973, the University of Texas at Arlington became the first accredited school to offer a class in belly dancing.

August 29 Tap-O-Mania Day In 1988, Macy's Tap-O-Mania set a Guiness world record.

September International Gay Square Dance Month

September 8 Monster Mash Day In 1962, Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers first hit Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. Do the mash, do the monster mash!

September 10 to 16 National Dance Lovers Week Celebrate the second full week of September by dancing at work or play or in-between. [Dates change from year to year.]

September 15 to 21 National Ballroom Dance Week This week is celebrated from the third Friday in September to the fourth Thursday. [Dates change from year to year.]

September 29 to 30 National Old Time Fiddlers & Step Dancing Contest On the last Friday and Saturday of September, Barre features the National Traditional Old Time Fiddlers and Step Dancing Contest. Founded in 1966. [Dates change from year to year.]

October 21 Can-Can Day The can-can dance was first performed in Paris, France in 1858. Viva, la France!

October 24 Let's Dance Day In 1939, Benny Goodman and his band recorded a great hit, Let's Dance. Dance, dance, dance today!

November 4 Drum, Dance & Pray for Peace Day On the first Saturday in November, drum, dance, and pray for peace with others around the country. The main activities are held at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. [Date changes from year to year.]

November 12 Exotic Dancers League of America Birthday The Exotic Dancers League of America was formed in 1963. The Exotic Dancers League operates the Burlesque Hall of Fame (open daily, free admission) as well as the Miss Exotic World Pageant (in early May).

November 20 Cabaret Day In 1966, one of the best musicals of the 60's opened on Broadway. It's name: Cabaret. It was based on Christopher Isherwood's novel, Goodbye to Berlin.

November 25 National Lap Dance Day In the May 1999 issue of Maxim, the Maximeter asserted that they were waiting for a National Lap Dance Day to celebrate as well as National Tap Dance Day (May 25th), so we at CelebrateToday.com decided to add such a celebration six months later. Enjoy a lap dance today!

November 29 Square Dance Day

December 14 Saturday Night Fever Day The Saturday Night Fever movie premiered in New York City in 1977.

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