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If you are afraid of flying, here are a few resources that can help you get through it:


AirSafe.com - Air Safety Pages from Todd Curtis: A great site, with the top airline accidents as well as many flying safety tips - probably the best collection of tips on the web. Allows you to view safety records of all international airlines. Also features a list of accidents at all major U.S. airports.

Anxiety Coach - The site is a self-help guide for people with various anxiety disorders, including a section devoted to fear of flying. They also offer a fearful flyer's class in the Chicago area.

Ask the Pilot: Everything You Need to Know About Air Travel by Patrick Smith. Smith is a pilot and air travel columnist. Patrick has visited more than 60 countries and always asks for a window seat.

Aviation Week Safety Resource Center - A good source for aviation safety resources.

The Backseat Flyer - A book by Nina Anderson. If you want to be a backseat flyer next time you take that trip in an airplane and deliver flying criticism, you'd better have an idea of what is going on in the airplane! The Backseat Flyer is just the book you need to discover what all those bumps, grinds, whistles, and whirrs are during take-off, cruising, and landing. The book also covers fear of flying, jet lag, air sickness, earaches, colds, and more. Order now online at Amazon.com.

Corporate Travel Safety - Kevin Coffey, 4371 Park Fortuna, Calabasas CA 91302-1714; 818-225-1991; Fax: 818-225-1992. Email: StopThief@aol.com. Features more than 130 pages of free travel safety information. The company specializes in corporate travel safety seminars, tapes, and other products.

Fear of Flying.com - Aka Soar Inc., this site is operated by Tom Bunn, an airline captain who is also a licensed therapist active in helping people overcome their fear of flying.

Fear of Flying Online Help Course - Captain Stacey Chance. Email: stacey40@pacbell.net. A free online course for overcoming your fear of flying. Developed by an airline captain.

Fear of Flying PDF - A 12 page booklet from Dr. Patti Levin on how to cope with the stresses and fears that can come with flying.

Fear Free Flight - Anne W Tax, Licensed Psychologist, Bustleton Avenue Professional Building, 9733 Bustleton Avenue #2N, Philadelphia PA 19115; 215-887-7616; Fax: 215-887-9033. Email: info@fearfreeflight.com.

The Fearless Flyer's Handbook - The website for the The Fearless Flier's Handbook: Learning to Beat the Fear of Flying With Experts From the Qantas Clinic by Debbie Seaman.

Finally Fearless - Justin Weinraub. Email: info@finallyfearless.com. Worried about flying or terrorism? Whether you've got a severe phobia or you're just a little white knuckled, learn how to become a more comfortable flyer from the author of Go from Worried about Dying to Excited about Flying.

Flying? No Fear! - A book by Captain Adrian Akers-Douglas and Dr. Goerge Georgiou and published by Summersdale in the United Kingdom.

Flying Without Fear - They sell a book called Flying Without Fear. This site has help for anxious flyers, with 80 pages of free help: audios, quizzes, video clips, podcasts, hints and tips.

Freedom from Fear Forever - An alternative technique from Dr. James Durlacher for eliminating fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, self-sabotage, and post-traumatic stress.

Freedom from Fear of Flying Workshops - Offered by former PanAm pilot, T.W. Cummings. Cost: $400.00 plus air fare for the graduation flight. Call 305-261-7042.

Hypnosis for You - Paul Howard. Email: Paul@hypnosis4you.co.uk. Offering clinical hypnotherapy for a variety of issues in the Wallington, Surrey area of the UK.

Passenger Rights - If you have trouble with an airline, cruise ship, hotel, or car rental agency, fill out a complaint form here. It'll be forwarded to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Pilots & Mental Health - Make it possible for pilots to report their problems and get treatment early without job loss.

Plane Insanity: A Flight Attendant's Tales of Sex, Rage, and Queasiness at 30,000 Feet - A book by Elliott Hester. Features in-flight fights, broken airplanes, intolerable co-workers, Mile High Club activity, airplane brawls, passenger stampedes, and more. Don't read it while traveling on a plane.

Plane Talk: Defensive Flying - This free brochure offers steps to take before your trip to avoid problems. Send SASE to U.S. Department of Transportation, C-75, Room 4107, Washington DC 20590.

Top 10 Air Traveler Safety Tips - Here are some of the best safety tips to help you survive airplane disasters.

Here's the web site for Amtrak, just in case you would rather travel by train - the safest way to travel long distance. Go to: http://www.amtrak.com. You should be able to book a passage on the train from their website. Enjoy!

In 1998 in the United States and its territories, 43,920 people died in transportation-related accidents. Aviation accounted for 683 deaths, with 621 of them in small, general aviation airplanes. More people were killed on bicycles (794), in recreational boats (808), and by walking in front of trains (831) than were killed in airplane disasters.

Remember: More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.

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